Working Groups officially recognized by the CWL community §

According to the openness OpenStand principle, anyone can discuss, propose, and test ideas about the Common Workflow Language standard. Given that, working groups are not the unique nor the preferred way to advance the standard. At the same time, focus groups with a vertical interest in a specific advancement direction represent flourishing environments where to build, refine, and validate high-quality CWL enhancement proposals, mixing the competencies of domain experts, CWL users and workflow system implementers.

To add a new Working Group to the list below, submit a proposal to the CWL Leadership Team with the name, the scope, and a short description of the focus group, together with the contacts of the group leaders. The leaders will be in charge of updating the CWL Website with the main advancements and achievements of the Working Group.

Name Scope
CWL4HPC Identify workflow patterns capable of modeling large-scale scientific applications and implement the related CWL enhancement proposals.